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The Goth Hating Goths

we hate the scene and we probably hate you too

goth hating goths
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This is a community for people who participate in the gothic subculture but don't take themselves too seriously. It is for those who are able to laugh at themselves as well as others. This is a community that stands for cynicalness, mockery and the god given right to make fun of goths, rivetheads, gravers and similar scenesters. Remember, denying your gothness makes you even more goth!


It is somewhat a rite of passage to post pictures of yourself when you were "OMG SO GOTHIK!" in this community. Because, here in ungoth we understand that all of us were goth-tarded at one point in our lives. So, please comment in this post with pictures of yourself when you were a silly looking goth kid. Remember that we can't laugh at others until we can first laugh at ourselves!

Community Rules
1. Don't join if you can't handle a joke or are offended easily.
2. Don't join if you don't know anything about the goth/industrial scene.
3. Don't make fun of other people unless you can first make fun of yourself (because you know you're a big dork for even joining this thing)
4. Do not post links to the pictures or entries of other livejournal users unless they have given you permission to do so. This especially applies to any and all picture rating communities (example:gothic_babes). There have been numerous complaints when this has been done. Posts containing links to pictures or entries from these sources will be DELETED. People who continually ignore this rule will be BANNED. PLEASE, don't make drama. just don't do it.
5. Don't whine and fight with eachother.
6. Do not troll anyone's LJ in relation to comments or posts that were made in this community. If I catch you doing so I will ban you without warning.
7. If you are having a serious problem with a member of this community please contact the mod at the e-mail address provided in the userinfo. Don't forget to provide links to posts or comments where the individual is seen bothering you.
8. If you are offended by a post made here I.E. someone made fun of your favorite band, favoite store, or something stupid like that, TOUGH. Don't come in here and attack the members if you're not prepared to be mocked. WE WILL NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.
9. Please put NSFW, large, or multiple pictures behind a cut.
10. Posting advertisements for events, LJ communities, etc. will not be tolerated. This is considered spamming. If you do post an advertisement you will be given a warning and the post will be deleted.

If you are caught breaking a rule you will recieve only ONE warning. Any further rule violations will result in a ban. If you feel you were unfairly banned you may send the moderator a mature e-mail explaining why you think so. This does not mean you will be unbanned. It is up to the mod.
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